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Information for Couples to be married at St Patrick’s Church

For couples who have booked their wedding here at St Patrick’s, please take a look at the below attachment.  It holds information that will be useful to your planning of your wedding.

ST PATRICK’S ANNIVERSARY CONVERSATIONS – held on Sundays, 1.30pm – 2.50pm, in The Crypt

Our conversations will be held on Sundays, 1.30pm – 2.50pm, in The Crypt. All welcome. Entry free.

In 2018 we are celebrating the Bicentenary of the Preservation of the Blessed Sacrament and the Sesquicentenary of the death of the first Parish Priest at St Patrick’s, Archdeacon John McEncroe (22 August 1868) and the appointment of the Marist Fathers to St Patrick’s (20 September 1868)

  • 29 April: “History of St Patrick’s Church” – Peter McMurrich SM
  • 24 June: “A dialogue on Islam” – Sh. Anthony Andrist from Lakemba Mosque
  • 1 July: “The Timeless Beauty of Icons” – Michael Galovic
  • 22 July: “Before and after Pope Francis – what difference?” – Dr Massimo Faggioli
  • 26 August: “Archdeacon McEncroe” – Fr Ed Campion
  • 23 September: “The Founding of the Marist Fathers” – Justin Taylor SM
  • 7 October: “Values in the public square” – Professor Margaret Somerville
  • 4 November: “Women in the Church” – Ms Tereza Seric and two other women

We take a lead from Pope Francis:

“If there is one word that we should never tire of repeating, it is this: dialogue. We are called to promote a culture of dialogue by every possible means and thus to rebuild the fabric of society. The culture of dialogue entails a true apprenticeship and a discipline that enables us to view others as valid dialogue partners, to respect the foreigner, the immigrant and people from different cultures as worthy of being listened to. Today we urgently need to engage all the members of society in building ‘a culture which privileges dialogue as a form of encounter’ and in creating ‘a means for building consensus and agreement while seeking the goal of a just, responsive and inclusive society’. Peace will be lasting in the measure that we arm our children with the weapons of dialogue, that we teach them to fight the good fight of encounter and negotiation. In this way, we will bequeath to them a culture capable of devising strategies of life, not death, and of inclusion, not exclusion.”

(Address on receiving the Charlemagne Prize, May 6, 2016)

The Marist Sesquicentenary Mass in St Patrick’s – 12 Noon – 16 September 2018

Sesquicentenary Mass – 1868 – 2018

Archdeacon McEncroe – Marist Presence at St Patrick’s Church Hill with Archbishop Anthony Fisher OP

12 Noon – 16 September 2018 – St Patrick’s Church Hill

Instruments of divine mercy for 150 years
Read all about it. Click the link below:

A dialogue on Islam – ST PATRICK’S ANNIVERSARY CONVERSATIONS – 24 June 2018

“A dialogue on Islam” – Sh. Anthony Andrist from Lakemba Mosque”

Our conversations will be held on:

Sundays,24 June 2018 – 1.30pm – 2.50pm, in The Crypt.

All welcome. Entry free.