What’s on?

Heaps!! We organise a number of regular events at St Patrick’s Church. See below for a taste of what’s on.

Branches is a 10 weeks course for adults in their 20s & 30s

Branches’ – a 10-week journey into life and faith from a Catholic perspective – offers young adults an opportunity to re-visit key issues of faith.

Branches is one night per week for young adults interested in exploring Christianity from a Catholic perspective. The course is aimed at an introductory level and covers topics such as ‘What am I looking for?’, ‘Who is Jesus? ?’, ‘Why and how should I read the bible?’, ‘How do I think about God?’, ‘How to read the Bible?’, ‘How can I pray?’, ‘How does Jesus heal us?’, ‘How does God guides us?’, and ‘Called to Mission’.

The format is dinner followed by a talk and then break into small discussion groups. There is also a weekend away on the theme of Relationships with self, God and others (not to be missed!) and a Branches mass and celebration dinner at the end of the course. For information please contact 9254 9855 or send a message to youngadults@stpatschurchhill.org.

Branches runs in the first half of each year at St. Pats. See the YUCAN website for more information.

Other regular activities include:

Taize Prayer
Lenten Programs
Theology Forums
Scripture Study

The following programs are held from time to time at St. Pat’s as the need and interest arises.

Pathways into Prayer
Pathways into Spirituality
Branching Out
Journey Into Mission

Young adults at St. Pat’s also support: