Under the care of the Marist Fathers (Society of Mary) since 1868 St Patrick’s Parish in Grosvenor Street, The Rocks,
and St Brigid’s in Kent Street, Millers Point Australia continues to serve the multinational community of Sydney and beyond.


We have no empty tomb or firsthand experiences to speak to us of that cosmic event – Jesus’ resurrection! The potential is there for us to become forgetful. To live – for the most part – as though it had not happened.

Maybe silence bears witness. Do we dare to stop speaking, stop making noises, and just listen? Is it possible that silence itself can speak the words of a firsthand witness? Listen to this poem by one of the Australia’s great poets:

“Silence is the rock where I shall stand.

The silence between this and the next breath,

that might be – is not yet – death;

the silence between lover and lover

that neither flesh nor mind bridge over;

the silence between word and word,

in which the truth waits to be heard;

the silence between world and world

in which the promise first was sealed;

the heart’s silence between beat and beat,

in which myself and silence meet.

“Silence is the rock where I shall stand.

Oh, when I strike it with my hand

may the artesian waters spring

from that dark source I long to find.”

[Judith Wright, Judith Wright: Collected Poems, Harper Collins Australia, Angus & Robinson, 1994, 121.]

Need we be reminded that the pandemic is not over!
St Patrick’s is implementing the current State Government Covid Safety regulations as of Friday 7 March 2021:

  • Masks are  mandatory in places of worship
  • The QR Code is not compulsory for places of worship. We will introduce the QR Code when it is mandated by the Government.
  • When you sign in you must give your first name, your second name and your contact number. We keep this information in the church’s vault for 28 days before we destroy it.
  • Congregational singing is not permitted. 
  • Our seating capacity is now 185.
  • When receiving Holy Communion, approach via the right-hand aisle and return via the other aisle.  There will normally be two people distributing Holy Communion at the sanctuary. Maintain social distancing. In an instruction headed, “Directions for the Archdiocese of Sydney from 18 March 2020 until further notice”, the Archbishop wrote: “In the Ordinary Form of the Latin Rite, the Body of Christ should only be administered in the hand and the chalice should only be received by the celebrant ….” This instruction was reiterated in the Archbishop’s Seventh Pastoral Letter, 2 July 2020: “Receiving Holy Communion by ‘making a throne for the King with our hands’ (St Cyril of Jerusalem) remains normative in Australia in the ordinary form of the Latin Rite ….” St Patrick’s follows the Archbishop’s instruction on the distribution and reception of Holy Communion.
  • Please observe all the normal Covid Safety practices: sanitize your hands, keep 1.5 metres between you and the next person, do not mingle unnecessarily.
  • We are not out of the wood – remember the common good!

  God Bless us all

Fr Michael Whelan SM
Parish Priest

St Patrick’s Covid Safety Plan here


9 May 2021 – Sixth Sunday of Easter

Marriage & Baptism at St Patrick’s

Saturday weddings at Saint Patrick’s may be arranged to commence at 9:30am, 2:00pm or 4:00pm. The celebration of the sacrament of Baptism can be arranged through contacting the Parish Office at 9254-9855.

To Know more, Click here.

Mass & Reconciliation at St Patrick’s

St Patrick’s offers Masses and Reconciliation on Weekdays, Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays.

Check out our timetable to see Mass and Reconciliation times.

St Patrick’s Church Historical Tours

Twice a month St Patrick’s Courtyard Coffee Shop provides a guided tour of the St Patrick’s site, where this rich history is outlined in association with the various heritage buildings.

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Get Involved in ministries and groups

Active ministries and groups within St. Patrick’s Parish. Those wishing more information about a group’s activities click here.

Alternatively you can contact the Parish Office –

Spiritual Reflection – NOW

Spiritual Exercises – Listening

Spiritual Exercises – Breathing




At the beginning of 2017, Michael Whelan SM, Parish Priest, commissioned an icon of St Dimpna who is the patron saint of people in mental and emotional distress – especially those who have been sexually abused.   Her feast day is on May 15.  The icon will form the focus of an annual devotion to St Dimpna each May, with prayers especially for those who are in distress as a result of sexual abuse.  

For more information contact the parish;  email:; phone (02) 9254-9855.


For more than 170 years St Patrick’s has been a spiritual oasis in Sydney. There is a fine tradition of mercy and reconciliation here. Let us work together to ensure that everything possible is done to go on developing that tradition. It is a gift that grows richer with time. It is also a task that will never end.

To keep faith with that tradition, we must take account of the changing times. In particular, we must take account of the findings of the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual.   Click on the link to know what special steps we are  taking at St Patrick’s

A message from the Archdiocese of Sydney

Child sexual abuse is a crime he appropriate people to deal with a crime are the police. If you – or anyone you know – have been abused,
please contact the police.  Alternatively, you can contact the Safeguarding and Ministerial Integrity Office at (02) 9390 5810 or You may also want to speak to your Parish Priest who will be able to provide support and guidance. The Archdiocese has a legal obligation to report crimes to the police